Oracle Open World 2017 – What’s In-store For You at The Most Anticipated Technology Conference?
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One of the premier tech conferences 2017, Oracle Open World 2017 will get started from October 1 and continue up to October 5. So, what are the main programs or focus areas that will be covered during the event? Who are going to be the featured speakers during the event? What are the different registration options? Let us delve into the details in the following sections.

Oracle Open World 2017 – October 1 – 5, 2017

Featured Speakers at Oracle OpenWorld 2017


Let briefly look at the list of featured speakers who will be attending Oracle Open World 2017.

  • Larry Ellison: Board’s executive chairman and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Oracle

  • Safra A. Catz: Chief executive officer (CEO), Oracle

  • Mark Hurd: Chief executive officer (CEO), Oracle

  • Barbara Boxer: Former US senator

  • Douglas Fisher: General manager (SSG) and Senior vice president, Intel

  • Newt Gingrich: Former speaker, US House of Representatives

  • Richard Haass: President, Council on Foreign Relations

  • Thomas Kurian: President of product development, Oracle

What are primary focus areas to be covered during the event?

oracleopenworld2017Irrespective of whether it is a startup firm, a growing business or any established organization, among the leading tech conferences 2017, OpenWorld 2017 promises to offer latest in product as well as industry thought leadership.

Few of the important focus areas to be covered during the event consist of:


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