Oracle Open World 2017 – What’s In-store For You at The Most Anticipated Technology Conference?


One of the premier tech conferences 2017, Oracle Open World 2017 will get started from October 1 and continue up to October 5. So, what are the main programs or focus areas that will be covered during the event? Who are going to be the featured speakers during the event? What are the different registration options? Let us delve into the details in the following sections.

Oracle Open World 2017 – October 1 – 5, 2017

Featured Speakers at Oracle OpenWorld 2017


Let briefly look at the list of featured speakers who will be attending Oracle Open World 2017.

  • Larry Ellison: Board’s executive chairman and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Oracle

  • Safra A. Catz: Chief executive officer (CEO), Oracle

  • Mark Hurd: Chief executive officer (CEO), Oracle

  • Barbara Boxer: Former US senator

  • Douglas Fisher: General manager (SSG) and Senior vice president, Intel

  • Newt Gingrich: Former speaker, US House of Representatives

  • Richard Haass: President, Council on Foreign Relations

  • Thomas Kurian: President of product development, Oracle

What are primary focus areas to be covered during the event?

oracleopenworld2017Irrespective of whether it is a startup firm, a growing business or any established organization, among the leading tech conferences 2017, OpenWorld 2017 promises to offer latest in product as well as industry thought leadership.

Few of the important focus areas to be covered during the event consist of:

  • Application Development: At present it is important for businesses to create as well as deliver user experience that is able to keep the users engaged. As such, it is necessary to develop intelligent and agile business applications. Oracle OpenWorld 2017 gives you the opportunity to examine what some of the highly innovative firms are doing to speed up application development as well as its deployment.

  • Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence in conjunction with machine learning can help in development of applications which assist you in lowering expenditures, detection of fraud, improve productivity, improve recommendations and last but not the least, enhance business processes. Featuring as one of the popular tech events, OpenWorld helps you know about Adaptive Intelligent Apps from Oracle which are powered by data available from data cloud.

  • Analytics and Big Data: Competitiveness of your organization will largely depend upon how well you define your data strategy. OpenWorld 2017 will help you learn how to leverage the positives of big data, data management as well as analytics so that your organization can thrive.

  • Database Innovations: This technology conference will give you the opportunity to understand how the latest database innovations from Oracle such as rapid analytics and cloud scalability result in faster access to insights, cost savings and better agility.

  • Finance: Your primary focus area could be ERP, financial management or improvement of supply chain. Whatever your requirement, you will require a cloud solution for modernizing your business. Oracle Open World 2017 as a technology conference, will be the platform to know how CIOs as well as CFOs are developing their business model to move ahead of the competition.

  • Engineered Systems: By attending OpenWorld 2017 you will be able to know how IT integration can be simplified so that you have more time to concentrate on improving services while at the same time cut the complexities and expenditure.

  • IaaS: Iaas can help you develop an IT infrastructure which can meet your present requirements and at the same time have enough flexibility to grow as your business grows. One of the most popular tech events, Oracle Open World 2017 will help you explore insights from Oracle’s partners as well as customers on how they have utilized IaaS for simplifying IT operations.

  • Internet of Things: Learn how intelligent internet of things data as well as predictive analytics can increase value of your existing applications at this technology conference.

  • PaaS: Platform as a Service or PaaS allows you to develop, run as well as manage various applications without the need to understand the intricacies of how to build and maintain such infrastructure. You will also get the opportunity to know how you can reduce complexities by utilizing the Oracle cloud.

  • Security: Learn how security solutions offered by Oracle can help your organization in implementing as well as managing security policies which are consistent across all data centers.

Registration Options

Conference pricing is divided into 3 categories, let us look at the details here.

  • Full Conference: Till September 29 you will be able to save about $200 from the onsite price of $2,650. Thus, till September 29 you will have to pay only $2,450.

  • Discover Pass: Here also you get the opportunity to save $50 from the listed onsite price of $125 if you are booking by September 29.

  • Group Pass: In case of group passes, you will be able to save between 20 to 28% off present pricing while buying 5 or more passes.

Click here for more details about the registration process and go through agenda for the event here.

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