A Kinetic Energy Power Bank That Lets You Generate Your Own Power for Charging Smartphones and Other USB Devices
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Many of us have a power bank, which helps us charge our cellphones when required. But, we need to charge the power bank itself from time to time so that it can be used when necessary, right?

How about a power bank that you do not have to charge? Is it possible? It certainly is, let us find out how.

Kinetic Energy Power Bank from Ampy Move

Let us explore few of the notable features it has.

Features of Ampy Move

  • Transformation of Kinetic Energy: Ampy Move is capable of transforming kinetic energy generated while we move into battery power that can be used in turn for powering our wearables as well as smartphones.
  • Different Charging Options: Ampy Move provides you two options when it comes to charging it, first you can charge it from your motions or may well connect it to a wall outlet.


  • 24 Hours of Charging: Another notable thing about Ampy Move is that once fully charged it is able to provide as much as twenty-four hours of battery life for your smart phones.

First Wearable Motion Charger

It is considered the world’s first wearable motion charger which is portable and the more you are able to move, the greater amount of charge it will have.

The Ampy+ App



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