wearable pain relief technology
An FDA Approved and Drug Free Wearable Pain Relief Technology That You Will Surely Like to Use
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Quell has introduced a drug free technology which has proven to be effected for the problem of pain relief. It makes use of latest neurotechnology for managing the problem of chronic pain.

Few of the notable aspects are that it is lightweight and is a wearable device which you can carry along everywhere with you. In following sections let us go through details of how it works.

Wearable Pain Relief Technology

Standard or Sport Electrodes

This is a type of device that you have to wear on your upper calf with the aim of stimulating your sensory nerves.

The signals are then send to the brain through the neural pulses, which then triggers our natural response for blocking the pain signals and you feel relief from pain.

How Quell works?

The electrodes stimulate a large section of nerves over a long period of time to provide desired results. High end neurostimulation is achieved through use of silver contacts as well as hydrogel pads in a very controlled and precise manner.


Quell Technology

There are two types of electrodes available, one is known as standard and the other is the sport one.

The standard electrode is capable of providing effective pain relief over a span of one year, on the other hand, sports variation has a gel design which proves more effective in situations where high levels of perspiration and humidity is to be tackled.

The Quell App



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