An Insight into 5 Features of Chromecast That You are Not Aware of
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chromecastChromecast provides you the easiest way of wirelessly displaying content from your computer, tablet or phone onto a TV. There are different things a Chromecast can do which are not immediately apparent. Let us look at what they are.

Things You Can do with Chromecast

Utilize Pics as Wallpapers

When you are not using the Chromecast, it can turn the TV into a digital photo frame and start showing beautiful sceneries. However, if you want to see personal photos then all you will have to do is get Google Home App onto your iOS or Android phone.

After installing the app you will have to go into Devices tab, tap on action overflow button in Chromecast and then choose Backdrop settings. Here you will be able to select Flickr, Facebook and Google Photos.

In case, you do not want to view pics selected by Google then it is possible to disable Art, Earth and Space or Featured Photos.

Moreover, you can also modify the speed of display of photographs such as it could be slow, normal or fast and it is also possible to view weather information.

See Headlines Rather Than Wallpapers

Right inside the Backdrops settings you can select to view headlines instead of wallpapers. Here you can choose between two options, it could be Curated News that is selected by Google or it could be personalized news displayed through Play Newsstand.

Play Newsstand gives you the option to edit websites from which you want to view news feed.

Check Apps That are Compatible with Chromecast


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