An Insight into 5 Features of Chromecast That You are Not Aware of
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We all know about standard apps that Chromecast supports such as Pandora, Netflix and YouTube. But, apart from that there are many others that can be streamed onto your television. To know about which are those other app what you will have to do is start the Google Home app on your smartphone and go to the Discover tab. Here you will have to go through the Chromecast and TVs section to know more about those other apps.

Mirror an Android Phone or any other Android Device

Using Chromecast it is possible to mirror display of your device onto your TV. All you will have to do is pull down the notifications section in your Android phone and select the Cast option.

Choose which of the Chromecasts you will like to utilize and as soon as you make the selection, the complete screen will get streamed onto your TV.

However, you need to keep note of the fact that such mirroring will not yield desired results when you are planning to stream local videos. This happens due to the fact that frame rate for such local videos is rather low and in addition to it, the audio is not synced properly.

But, if you are planning to show your pics to people sitting in a room or if you intend to browse internet using a larger screen with smart phone working as your controller then this is the right option to choose.

Mirroring Computers Desktop

Similarly, if you are planning to mirror your computers desktop onto your TV then all you will require on your PC will be the Chrome browser. Moreover, you will not require the Chromecast extension since the newer Chrome comes with this feature built into it.

To accomplish this task, all you will have to do is launch Chrome browser and then select Cast option from menu. Next you will have to click on down arrow beside Cast To option and choose the option that says Cast Desktop then select the Chromecast you want to utilize and then click on Cast to start mirroring.


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