bone conduction headphones
An Insight into Latest Advancement in Headphone Technology – The Bone Conduction Headphones
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Sometime or the other, we all have used headphones but now there are different types of headphones available which you do not have to put into or over your ears to listen to the music and as such, you will be able to listen to ambient sounds without any problems. These are known as bone conduction headphones.

Let us look at how these headphones work and the benefits of using them instead of your usual headphones.

Bone Conduction Headphones

What is bone conduction?

Bone conduction is considered a part of our hearing process since sound goes through our cheekbones as well as eardrums on simultaneous basis.

This fact has been utilized by AfterShokz to develop its own audio technology as well as design patents.

What is the benefit of bone conduction headphones?

The benefit of these headphones is that you can easily hear animals, cars, as well as other likely hazards while listening to your favorite music. In addition to it, these headphones are Bluetooth enabled which means you do not have to worry about wires.

Moreover, when you are using a normal headphone, the audio goes right into your ears and this may damage your ears over the long run.

In bone conduction headphones the ears are completely bypassed and hence your ears are saved from damage that can occur due to prolonged use of headphones.

How the bone conduction headphones function?


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