Smart Fishfinder
Deeper – The Smart Fishfinder That Revolutionizes Sonar Fishing
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Deeper is a unique fish finder which makes use of technology to ease your fishing endeavors and is also capable of providing needed data straight to your tablet or mobile phone. Let us explore the details in the following sections.

Deeper – The Smart Fishfinder

Deeper lets you explore the possibilities of sonar fishing. All you will have to do is put it into the water and it will start sending data to your mobile phone through Bluetooth.

Data that it sends includes information about temperature of water, depth of water, vegetation, what is the bottom of the lake or pond like and where all the fishes are.

The Specs

Deeper weighs just about 100 gms or 3.5 oz and measures only 65mm or 2.5 inches, making it castable which means you can fish from docks, bridges and banks.



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