Digital Tape Measure to Make Taking Measurements an Easier Task
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Almost every house has a measuring tape and everyone uses it in the same way. But, with eTape things are going to change in the way we take tape measures.

Let us delve into the details in the following sections.

eTape – The Digital Tape Measure

The good thing about eTape is that it helps save your time as well as money. More importantly, you are able to take out the guess work from your work while performing measurements. Let us look at various functions it is able to perform.

The Hold Button

When you press this Hold button, the current measurement starts flashing on the display. All you will have to do is press this button again to clear the memory.

The Blade Lock Button

If you want to lock in the present measurement then all you need to do is press this Blade Lock button. As soon as you release this button, the display gets cleared and you can take new measurement.

M1 and M2 Buttons

When you press M1 or M2 buttons for one second, the display will show M1 or M2 to indicate that the present measurement has been stored in M1 or M2 memory. To recall the value all you will have to do is press any of the two memory button.

The current measurement will remain in memory till the time you add another measurement in any of these two memories.

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