Embrwave Personal Thermostat – To Stay Cold or Warm as Per Your Need
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If you are looking for a personal thermostat then Embr Wave is something to look into.

Let us look at this personal thermostat which has the capability of helping you feel warmer or colder as per your needs.

Wondering how this can be possible? Go through the details in the following sections.

Embrwave Personal Thermostat – Get Your Personal Thermostat Right on Your Wrist

Always wished there was some way that you could cool down while traveling in a hot car? Or, may be warm up a bit when the office feels like an ice box?


Embr Wave has developed a solution that has till now reaped in more that 600% funding on Kickstarter and is a project which is backed up by Intel Capital and Bose Ventures.

So, let us check how this actually works.

How embr wave works?

This device, which looks very similar to a wrist watch directly warms or cools temperature sensitive skin present on your wrist.

This in turn results in immediate recreation of warmth in your hands as if you are sitting beside the fireplace on a very cold day or applying ice cubes on the skin on a hot summer day.

All you will have to do is press a button and immediately experience the temperature difference.


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