Emergency Preparedness Devices Which Ensure You are Never in Dark During Emergency Situations
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Eton is a company that produces emergency preparedness devices and is also a partner of the well-known American Red Cross.

So, let us look at few of the notable and useful devices it produces for common people like us to use.

Emergency Preparedness Devices

Weather Alert Radio

weather alert radio

It is a combination of a USB phone charger as well as a weather radio which can provide useful weather alerts when you need them most. Few of the noteworthy features it has include:

  • It has digital tuning and is able to receive FM and AM digital radio.
  • It is capable of receiving Environment Canada weather bands as well as the 7 NOAA weather bands.
  • There is a function which broadcasts alerts when emergency weather alerts are available.
  • This device also provides solar power charging and has a hand turbine in case there are no other alternatives available during an emergency.
  • Equipped with a battery of 2600mAh, it makes it possible to keep your mobile phone charged using the available USB outlet.

Flashlight and Charger

This is another useful device which you must have with you during emergency situations. This is a hand powered clipray that will ensure that you will always have power as well as light even in distress situations without the need to carry any type of batteries for mobile phone you have.


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