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Evapolar – Your Own Personal Cooling Solution Which Creates a Microclimate You Can Enjoy
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If you are looking for a personal cooling solution then Evapolar will be the right device for you. It is capable of creating your own personal microclimate, whether you are in office or somewhere else. Let us go through the details of how it functions.

Personal Cooling Solutions


Let us start by looking at some of the features of Evapolar.

Features of Evapolar

  • Cool: Evaporative cooling effect produced by Evapolar is able to drop air temperature in personal area you have, irrespective of whether it is a nursery, working space or the bedroom.
  • Humidify: It is also capable of saturating your surrounding air with water. This works out as ideal solution for making your skin as well as hair softer.
  • Purify: Evapolar is capable of filtering out all the dust particles, thereby improving air quality within your home and provide healthier breathing environment.

In the next section let us examine some of the specifications of Evapolar.



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