smart patch thermometer
Feversmart – The Smart Patch Thermometer for Real-time Monitoring of Body Temperature
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If there is a need to monitor body temperature on a remote and continuous basis then there is a solution available which can help you accomplish this task.

Fever Smart is a real time as well as non invasive temperature monitoring system which can be helpful in detecting dangerous health issues early on.

Feversmart – The Smart Patch Thermometer

The idea creeped up when one co-founder of Feversmart underwent chemotherapy and there was a need to monitor body temperature on a continuous basis.

Let us at first look at the features of Feversmart which is really quite unique.

  • Wireless Connectivity: Using Feversmart you will be able to use your smartphone to remotely monitor the temperature.
  • Continuous Monitoring: This device is able to monitor temperature on continuous basis as well as relay the data.
  • Alert Service: You are also provided alerts in case the temperature starts to move up.
  • Cloud Connectivity: Due to cloud connectivity you can access your data from any part of the world.

How it works?

Feversmart smart patch thermometer is in the form of a small electronic device which is called as Brain Unit.

This brain unit remains attached to body of the patient through a kind of disposable patch and there is a relay unit which is also present in the same room.




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