magnetically levitating ambient lamp
Floating Lamp – Magnetically Levitating Ambient Lamp to Enhance Ambiance of any Room
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Named the floating cloud, it is a magnetically levitating ambient lamp which can easily augment the look and feel of any room.

As the name suggests, floating cloud comes equipped with a floating mechanism and lighting functionality which everyone is bound to like and admire. Let us look at how this floating cloud works.

Magnetically Levitating Ambient Lamp

The floating cloud is the merger of two technologies, the levitation technology from Crealev and the function/form technology for the cloud developed by Richard Clarkson Studio.

How floating cloud works?

There are magnetic components embedded into cloud as well as the base which make it possible for the cloud to float just about 70mm over the base.

The base is plugged onto a rechargeable battery for powering the cloud, giving the cloud a completely unobstructed as well as wireless levitation over the base.

Moreover, it has sound reactive LED lights which start flashing according to music you are playing in 4 different styles due to presence of a microphone in the base that keeps listening to music you are playing.

Additionally, there are different ambient light modes in colored as well as white versions and all these modes can be controlled using the provided infrared remote.

How cloud remain held in place?



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