Google Pixel 2 XL and Pixel Visual Core
Google Pixel 2 XL and Pixel Visual Core – A Smartphone with New Innovative Features Worth Admiration
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Google Pixel 2 XL and Pixel Visual CoreMany people have questions about Google Pixel 2 XL and pixel visual core. How well the Google Pixel 2 XL is performing? What is the pixel visual core and what difference it makes? Well, these are some of the questions we will be looking into and try to answer in the following sections.

Google Pixel 2 XL and Pixel Visual Core

Let us first look at some specifics about the Google Pixel 2 smartphone and then we will move on and look at what pixel visual core is. Details we will be covering in the following sections would include:

  • The aesthetic appeal provided by the plastic feel
  • Phone’s hardware specifications
  • The color choices
  • Positioning of design elements
  • Screen, speakers and the headphone jack
  • System performance
  • Camera and its operations
  • Software and the AI
  • The Pixel Visual Core

The Plastic Feel and Improved Grip

If you pick up the Pixel 2 XL for the first time, you are definitely going to feel that it has been made using plastic. But, in reality it is not so, both Pixel 2 as well as Pixel 2 XL have been made using aluminum and Gorilla Glass, similar to most of the high end smart phones available in the market today.

The distinctive thing about pixel xl design is that the aluminum body of the phone has been coated using a textured finish which effectively hides all antenna lines as well as makes it easier to hold and grip the phone. Thus, Google has been able to transform its metal smartphone and make it feel as if it is made up of plastic.

The Hardware Specs

Let us now move onto the topic of hardware and check the specifics it boasts of. Basically, Pixel 2 XL comes in two sizes, let us go through the details here:

  • 5 Inch: The first model is of five inch and comes with chunky and big bezels as well as a screen which is a bit squared off, costing about $649.
  • 6 Inch: The other model which is 6-inch has smaller bezels and comes with curved corners, available for a price tag of $849.

Notable thing about these two models is that apart from size and battery, they are identically same whether you are looking at performance, power requirement or camera resolution.

Color Choices

The 5 inch one is available in 3 colors while the 6-inch model provides two color options to choose from. Moreover, all the colors have slight variations in terms of their finish and texture, in addition to it, these also have some accent colors which you will find on their power buttons.

You will also not miss the glass shade that has become one of the main design features of Pixel phones. This glass shade is present at the back and achieves the main goal of improving wireless signals.

The Design Elements and Their Positioning

  • Fingerprint Sensors: The finger print sensor remains in the back and is located in a spot which is easy to reach, helping to make operations accurate as well as fast.
  • Power Button: Experts are not that happy with positioning of the power button since it is situated on top of the volume buttons and make it difficult to reach.
  • The Bump: Another thing worth mentioning here is that the phone has small camera bump which you cannot miss. But the bump is less pronounced in comparison to what you find in any iPhone model.

The Screen

In pixel xl design it is a polarizing screen which utilizes sRGB for display, giving it an appearance similar to the screen of an iPhone but on the negative side the colors look at bit muted.

Another concerning factor is that the photos look a bit muted and reds look brownish while skin tones appear a lot more greener than they should. On the positive side, the color balance is better in case of smaller Pixel 2.

Lastly, if we talk about the bezel, it has comparatively smaller bezel in comparison to other smartphones such as LG V30 or Samsung Galaxy S8. Instead of screen being curved, XL has curved glass on edges.

The Speakers

As part of the pixel xl design the stereo speakers are front facing and clearly highlight the fact that Google selected functionality over beauty. The sound is great and even when you hear music at full volume, there is no distortion plus there is slight hint of bass.

Lack of Headphone Jack

headphonejackOne of the important points to be mentioned here is that the phone lacks a head phone jack. All you get in the box is a USB-C dongle without any headphones. This will be considered by many as a hassle. However, this lack of feature has been covered well by presence of good Bluetooth connectivity that lets you enjoy music without any drops or stutters.

Specifics of System Performance


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