Important Tips To Remember Before Buying A Phone
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Buying a phone is probably the most important thing that one has to do during his lifetime, especially given the fact that the phone will act in varied capacities such as your messaging device, you’re on the go web browser, your camera, your music player, your GPS navigation unit, and more. Given the recent innovations made in technology the task of buying a phone is even more difficult. Taken together, the massive changes made about in displays, operating systems and user interfaces make much of the old advice about choosing a phone obsolete.

If you belong to the category of people who are dumbfounded in what to take into consideration before buying a phone then this article is the right one for you.

tips-for-buying-phoneThe first and foremost question that one needs to ask to oneself before buying a phone is whether you need a smartphone? As more people become accustomed to instant email, web, music, and messaging access at all times of the day, regardless of where they are, smartphones have become almost indispensable. Currently, Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS followed by Windows are the most popular user platforms in the world. What gives Google’s Android an edge over Apple’s iOS is the fact that Android’s open source nature makes it a tweaker’s dream referring to the fact that it means fragmented third party app compatibility. Microsoft’s Windows Phone, which has a solid, easy to use design and Microsoft’s strong backing on the hardware side should also be considered before buying a phone.

Regardless of the above mentioned there are touch screens which allow for slimmer devices, smoother user interfaces, easy Web browsing, and a quality video playback experience. But for some, typing on a touch screen can be drag. QWERTY keyboards are easy to type quickly on, and are still ideal for many. The major drawback of QWERTY keyboards is that they both add bulk, in the case of horizontal and vertical sliders and thereby in the process reduce screen size.

If you are keen on text messaging, then you want a phone with a hardware QWERTY keyboard and an unlimited texting plan. If you love photography then a phone with a good camera should be your priority and if you’re an avid music listener than a phone with a good music player should be your top priority.


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