Innovative Posture and Activity Tracker From Lumo That Helps You Start Sitting Straight
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If you have problems with your posture, then Lumo Lift would be the right gadget for you. It functions as wearable posture coach which assists you in sitting straighter, look better and stand taller by buzzing you as soon as you start slouching.

In following sections let us look at how it works and how you can benefit by using it.

Lumo Lift – The Posture and Activity Tracker

How it works?

It is a tiny posture and activity tracker that works in conjunction with an Android and iOS free app so that you can start sitting as well as standing straighter.

Let us look at the steps you need to take to start tracking your postures.

posture and activity tracker

Step 1: Download App

First thing you will have to do is download the app and then follow provided steps for setting up the device.

Step 2: Wear the Gadget

There is a magnetic clasp that comes with Lumo Lift, you will have to remove the same and put the Lumo Lift beneath the shirt. It should be positioned right under the collarbone and put the magnetic clasp over the Lumo Lift over the shirt so that the device remains in place.


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