JBL DUETNC headphones
JBL DUETNC Headphones with Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity Delivers Superior Music Quality
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Looking for a wireless headphone? If so, then JBL DUETNC headphones would be one of the options to contemplate. It has OENC (or over ear noise canceling) and a range of other features that you will surely like. Let us delve into the details in following sections.

What’s so special about JBL DUETNC headphones?

There are several different features that come together to make this headphone really special. Our aim here will be to explore these features in greater depth.

JBL Signature Sound

You must have heard JBL signature sound at various places including arenas, theaters as well as studios. Now the same sound quality is available in these JBL DUET NC headphones.

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ANC – Active Noise Canceling

The benefit of active noise canceling is that it helps to lower outside noise. This way you are able to get a lot more immersive listening experience.

Bluetooth Support

Availability of Bluetooth support means you are able to use hands free calling as well as listen to crystal clear music using your JBL DUETNC headphones.

One Button Remote

JBL wireless headphone comes with detachable cables as well as a single button remote which makes it easy to manage your music as well as calls using any type of portable device.

Unique Ear Cup

JBL DUETNC headphones come with sound controls situated right within the ear cup. Such strategic placement of sound controls helps users with easy management of calls and music when they are working in wired mode.

Ergonomic Design

JBL DUET NC headphones have comfortable and form fitting ear cushions to ensure that headphones remain put when you are enjoying music on the go.


Extended Battery Life: You will get an astonishing twenty four hour battery life when Bluetooth is turned on but active noise canceling (ANC) is turned off. On the other hand, you will get fifteen hours of battery life when ANC is on and at the same time Bluetooth is also on.

Thus, when you are in Bluetooth mode, you will be able to listen to music all day long without having to worry about battery life.

Fast Charging: Fast charging capability of JBL DUET NC headphones means your headphone will get fully charged in just two hours, giving you playback time of up to 24 hours.

Easily Make a Switch: It is pretty easy to make a switch (from one device to another) while listening to music on a portable device to quickly receive a call from your smart phone, ensuring that you will not miss any call.

Comfortable Ear Pads: You will be able to comfortably listen to music due to presence of protein leather ear pads. In addition to it, the aluminum touches perfectly complement JBL DUETNC headphones sleek look and feel.


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