Know Why Bruce Lee and Michael Jordan Used PainPod, The Portable Physical Therapy Device
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painpodIf you are looking for a portable physical therapy device then PainPod should be the one you should look into. It functions as effective and useful alternative that can replace need for medication irrespective of whether you are looking for a pain relief solution or interested in getting recovery as well as performance benefits for pro-sports.

Let us dig deeper and look at how it works.

PainPod – The Portable Physical Therapy Device

PainPod combines electrotherapy, waveform as well as advances in micro currents with latest in bio-engineering and neurological knowledge to provide you a solution for your physical therapy and pain relief needs.

Additionally, PainPod expedites recovery, promotes healing and also helps in increasing performance.

Applications of PainPod

This technology is being used in different spheres ranging from occupational therapy to physiotherapy, professional sport and medical rehabilitation.

This portable physical therapy device means that you will not have to worry about constant pains and aches or how to compete and train at your best endurance level.

Who uses PainPod?

You will find it interesting to know that many of the most respected athletes of the world and well-known sporting teams use PainPod. This list includes:

  • Jack NicklausJack Nicklaus, Michael JordanMichael Jordan, Wayne GretskyWayne Gretsky and Bruce Leebrucelee
  • Olympic coaches and athletes from Russia, UK and the US
  • Well-known sporting clubs (such as Collingwood Football Club) from different countries including teams involved in English Premier League, Pro Cycling, NBA, NFL, AFL and NHL
  • Professional athletes taking part in sports such as gymnastics, rugby, bodybuilding, cycling, boxing and cricket

How PainPod helps?

PainPod as a portable physical therapy device proves to be useful in three different scenarios:

  • Pain management
  • Performance enhancement
  • Recovery and rehabilitation

Let us look at all these 3 scenarios in further detail in the following sections.

Pain Management

pain management

You experience pain as soon as pain receptors in any part of the body send pain signals to our brain through central nervous system.

PainPod performs the task of delivering pulses, which are bio electrical by nature and carry out nerve stimulation for nerve endings present in concerned location of your body. This nerve stimulation helps to block pain signals and prevents them from moving towards your brain.

This blocking of pain signals is quite similar to what pain medication does but here you do not have to consume chemicals. By blocking the pain messages, PainPod helps you perform without having to bear constant discomfort and pain.

Moreover, bio-technology used by PainPod serves the purpose of combining frequency treatment with waveforms so that pain messages can be blocked precisely. In addition to it, it also helps your body with releasing endorphins so that perception of pain can be further reduced.

Last but not the least, bio-pulses released by PainPod help in improving blood flow as well as enhancing circulation so that natural healing process of your body speeds up.


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