Know Why Bruce Lee and Michael Jordan Used PainPod, The Portable Physical Therapy Device
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Performance Enhancement

By sending electrical biopulses to muscle groups and intensifying them as required, PainPod is able to carry out muscle stimulation, relaxation as well as contraction in a cyclic basis.

Moreover, these cyclic contractions help in reducing inflammations, enhancing muscle growth as well as recovery from issues such as surgeries and injuries.

When used at higher intensities, it is possible to achieve 40% greater muscle contraction in comparison to voluntary contractions while resistance training is performed. Thus, you are able to get better results out of your training without the need to increase energy output.

Recovery and Rehabilitation

PainPod is capable of helping you achieve two types of recovery:

  • Type 1: Recovery from surgery, injury, pregnancy and similar other traumas
  • Type 2: Recovery from any type of physical exertion such as exertion due to training, fitness competition, etc.


Type 1 Recovery

PainPod portable physical therapy device can be helpful in rehabilitation after pregnancy, surgery as well as different muscular injuries.

In addition to it, chances of muscle atrophy which means muscle wasting that occurs when muscles are not used for a long period can be reduced by using PainPod since it helps in conditioning as well as strengthening the muscles.

Type 2 Recovery

Continuous training and high level of physical activity results in break down of muscles. In case, you are not able to fully recover prior to next training session or game then it will not be possible to achieve 100% benefits out of the last workout.

Moreover, muscles will not be prepared for next session.

This results in muscle fatigue, which in turn reduces your physical capabilities. By using PainPod you will be able to expedite muscle repair process and get better recovery.

Use of Portable Physical Therapy Device and The Contraindications

You should not use PainPod or any other type of electro-therapy device if:

  • You have electronic device such as pacemaker implanted in your body.
  • You are using a hearing device such as cochlear implant.
  • Not use such device (on torso) if you are under 37 weeks of pregnancy.
  • You are suffering from any kind of severe heart disorder.
  • You have DVT (Deep vein thrombosis).
  • You are suffering from epilepsy.



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