LG W100 Android 4.3+ smartwatch
LG W100 Android 4.3+ Smartwatch with Features That Your Friends Would Envy
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In case, you are planning to buy a smart watch then LG W100 Android 4.3+ smartwatch must be in your list of smartwatches to look into. Apart from its compatibility with Android 4.3+ devices, it boasts of several other features that we will be analyzing in the following sections.

Review of LG W100 Android 4.3+ Smartwatch

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Always on Display | Dust and Water Resistance | 400mAh Battery | Ok Google

Something to Wear All Day Long

  • Slim Design: LG W100 Android 4.3+ smartwatch comes with beautiful display along with slim design as well as long battery life and it also very comfortable to wear. This means you can wear it all day long without having to worry about battery wearing out.

  • 22mm strapsChangeable Straps: This smartwatch gives you the flexibility of using changeable straps. The strap can be any usual 0.86 inch or 22mm strap.
  • Always On: It is a watch that is always on. The display remains always on which means you can view time as well as check latest updates without the need to touch the watch.
  • 400mAh Battery: All your smartwatch will need is a single charge in the day and your 400mAh LG W100 Android 4.3+ smartwatch battery will continue to run all day long.
  • IP67 water resistanceDust and Water Resistance: After purchasing LG W100 Android 4.3+ smartwatch you will not have to worry about rough terrains or wet conditions since the watch comes with dust resistance as well as IP67 to provide adequate water resistance.
  • LG W100 Android SmartwatchUsefulness of Android Wear: Android Wear is able to organize all of your information and make suggestion on the basis of what you might need. As for instance, flight timings as well as gate information and also the weather forecasts so that you can leave for airport with all the prior information you need.
  • Ok GoogleOk Google: All you will have to say is Ok Google for asking any question you may feel like such as when a flight would leave, number of calories in any particular dish and everything else you can think of. In addition to it, Ok Google can be used for performing other tasks also such as setting reminders, sending text or making a note.
  • Android 4.3+ compatibleAndroid 4.3+ Compatibility: Another good thing about this LG W100 Android 4.3+ smartwatch is that it has complete compatibility with smart phones running on Android 4.3 or any other higher version.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon processorHardware Specifications: This LG smartwatch has a IPS display of 4.1cm with a dimension of 37.9X46.5X9.95mm. Moreover, with Qualcomm Snapdragon processor boasting of 1.2GHz CPU, you are assured high level of performance. It also provides Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, 512MB of memory which can be extended up to 4GB and there are various sensors such as Gyro, compass and accelerometer which prove to be useful in different situations.

Faqs About LG W100 Android 4.3+ Smartwatch

LG W100 Android 4.3+ smartwatch review

In this section let us look at some of the faqs related to this LG Android smartwatch.

How to turn off/on the LG W100 Android 4.3+ smartwatch?

Turning the Watch On

Simply place your watch on the charging cradle and then connect the cradle to a power outlet. This will result in your smartwatch automatically turning on. In addition to it, you may well keep the reset button pressed for about two seconds (using a paper clip or a pen) to turn on the LG smartwatch.


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