Mamba Hyperflux, a Batteryless Mouse That Gamers Would Love
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Everyone using a computer knows that mouse is one of the important input devices they need to work with. We also know that we need to replace the battery for a wireless mouse to keep it going. But all that is going to change now with Mamba Hyperflux. How? Let us find out in the following sections.

Mamba Hyperflux, the Batteryless Mouse

If you are looking for complete wireless freedom, then Razer’s Mamba HyperFlux is the mouse to select. This mouse makes use of wireless power technology that is specifically designed by Razer.

The outcome, a mouse which is ultra lightweight and is capable of running indefinitely on wireless power extracted from Razer Firefly mouse mat.

How it works?

Mamba Hyperflux mouse is to be kept over the mouse mat which makes use of wireless power technology for creating a magnetic field so that power can be efficiently transferred to the mouse.

wireless power technology

This way it becomes possible to provide indefinite power to mouse, which in turn totally eliminates the need to use a battery.

Ultra Fast and Ultra Light

With no batteries to increase its weight, this mouse weighs just about 96g, which is only possible when you are using a wired mouse.


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