Roar – An Innovative Personal Alarm for Women That Can Alert Your Contacts During an Emergency
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On a daily basis, women usually face issues such as assault, harassment and violence. But now it is going to change with the advent of Roar, the innovative personal alarm for women. Let us go through details of how this works.

Athena Roar – Personal Alarm for Women

The Statistics

  • Nearly 37% women have reported that they avoid walking to their house very late at night.
  • About 65% women experience street harassment.
  • As many as 1/4 of college women face sexual assault.
  • 1/3 of all women face violence inflicted upon them by intimate partners.

safety for women

Source: Gallup

How it works?

athena roar

There are two modes for Athena Roar, one is called SilentRoar and the other is Alarm Mode.

SilentRoar: This is useful in discreet activation wherein all you have to do is press the button three times.



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