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Tapplock – The World’s First Fingerprint Padlock with Biometric Sensor
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Over the years we have seen several types of padlocks but the one we are going to talk about here is a special one since it makes use of innovative biometric fingerprint sensor for unlocking the padlock.

Let us explore we more details about this world’s first fingerprint padlock.

Tapplock – World’s First Fingerprint Padlock

Tapplock makes use of latest capacitive fingerprint sensor so that the padlock can be unlocked within 0.8 seconds. Moreover, it is capable of storing as many as five hundred fingerprints for several users in its memory.

In addition to it, Tapplock makes use of adaptive algorithm. This means that the padlock is able to become more accurate as well as faster with every access.

The Unbreakable Design

The good thing about this padlock is that it is secure, sturdy as well as bold. The body is forged using Zamak 3 zinc alloy while the shackle is made up of 7 mm reinforced stainless steel.

Moreover, it has a lock design which is double layered and makes use of anti-pry as well as anti-shim technologies. Last but not the least, it has exemplary design along with electroplating.



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