WattUp - first power-at-a-distance charging system
WattUp – First Power-at-a-distance Charging System to Revolutionize How We Charge Our Electronic Devices
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Recently FCC has cleared the tech which will make it possible for mobile phones to be charged wirelessly using the WattUp – first power-at-a-distance charging system. Wondering how this can be possible? Let us go through the details in the following sections.

WattUp – First Power-at-a-distance Charging System

At present we have the technology which makes it possible to charge a phone wirelessly without the need to plug the same using a cable. But, there is still the need to place charging pad and put the mobile over the same.

But, all this is going to change with the advent of power-at-a-distance system which is capable of charging your phone without any cables or wires from a distance of 3 feet so it is not necessary to keep your phone anywhere.

Energous – The Company Behind This Technology

Energous is the name of the company (a San Jose based company) which has developed this technology that will make power-at-a-distance a possibility.

This system has been named WattUp and it consists of a receiver as well as transmitter which will be capable of charging several devices together. The work is still in the trial phase with consumer version yet to come into the market.

How it works?


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