Urbane Luxe model #W150
What are the Features That Make Urbane Luxe Model #W150 a Prized Possession for Its Owners?
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Qualcomm Snapdragon smart Watch w150Urbane Luxe model #W150 from LG is a smart watch that boasts of several exciting features, making it a must have watch for everyone who likes gadgets and latest technology.

Let us explore few of the most interesting features of Urbane Luxe Smart Watch w150 that you need to be aware of before actually purchasing it.

Urbane Luxe model #W150 – Features/Specifications/Highlights

No Need to Carry Your Phone

Urbane Luxe model #W150 provides the functionality using which the smart watch can be connected to mobile through the cloud. Thus, it is not necessary to carry around your mobile all the time to remain connected.

Make Use of Smart Notifications

The smart notifications functionality makes it possible to schedule alerts, get timely reminders and also receive location reminders.

The Design Specifics

You will certainly like its alligator leather strap, the deployment clasp as well as the gold plating (23-karat). In addition to it, all the smart watches are individually numbered, available in lacquered case (of piano gloss) along with signed certificate to prove its authenticity.

This smart watch is the result of work carried out jointly by Reeds Jewelers and LG to create a masterpiece that is good enough to compete with Gold Apple Watch.

Let us now look at few of the important technical specifications of Urbane Luxe Smart Watch w150.

Qualcomm Snapdragon Smart Watch w150 – Technical Specifications

Operating System: Android Wear providing compatibility with iOS 8.2 (and above) as well as Android 4.3 (and above) when you are using the Android Wear app.


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