Moto 360 APQ8026 263 PPI
What Makes Moto 360 APQ8026 263 PPI the Preferred Choice for People Looking for Something Trendy Yet Highly Functional?
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Smartwatches are quickly replacing the ordinary watches of yester years and if you want to be part of this trend and purchase a smartwatch then Moto 360 APQ8026 263 ppi should be your first preference. Let us see why.

Moto 360 APQ8026 263 PPI Smartwatch Review

Let us first look at the design features, then we will move onto other topics such as faces and dials it supports, option to go wireless, how to keep a tab on your health and fitness using this smartwatch and several other topics. So, let us get started.

Review Aspect #1: The Design Features


  • Edge to Edge Glass: One of the unique things about Moto 360 APQ8026 263 PPI is that it comes with edge to edge glass consisting of exceptionally polished as well as thin bezel so that you get a wide viewing area.
  • Aircraft Grade Steel: Another notable fact about Moto 360 smartwatch is that it has been precision crafted using aircraft grade stainless steel to make it your sturdy and tough companion.
  • Exclusive Bands: There is no dearth of high quality bands available in Horween leather as well as in stainless steel in addition to its double wrapped distinctive leather design. Moreover, there are lug designs as well as quick release bands so that you can easily swap bands as and when you like.
  • Different Sizes: There are two sizes for men to choose from, one is 46mm and the other is 42mm. Similarly, there are 42mm cases that have been specifically designed for women.

Review Aspect #2: The Health and Fitness Features

moto360smart watch

  • Moto Body: The benefit of Moto Body is that it will ensure that you reach the goal of one hundred and fifty minutes of physical activity every week, as has been recommended by the AHA (American Heart Association). The main function of Moto Body is to monitor progress you are making and assist you in staying on track to achieve the fitness goals you have set for yourself.
  • Coaching Advice: Moto 360 APQ8026 263 PPI provides notifications all through the day so that you remain updated about your progress. Additionally, there is a email sent on weekly basis to summarize the progress you are making through the phone app of Moto Body.

Review Aspect #3: Wi-Fi Connectivity Features


  • Stay Connected: Now you do not have to carry the phone around wherever you go. You will be able to receive updates as well as notifications via Wi-Fi on your Moto 360 APQ8026 263 PPI smartwatch. Moreover, you will have complete voice commands access on your smartwatch.


  • Music on the Go: You can sync podcasts as well as playlists from Google Play Music directly onto your Moto 360 APQ8026 263 PPI. In addition to it, you can easily pair your Moto Verve earbuds (or other Bluetooth headphones such as Bose SoundSport in-ear IPX4 Headphones or the JBL DUETNC Headphones) with your smartwatch and start listening to your favorite music wherever you are.

Review Aspect #4: Features to Remain Updated

  • Android Wear: Now it will be possible to access all the important Google services with relative ease using your Android Wear compatible Moto 360 APQ8026 263 PPI smartwatch. It will be easy to do all the important tasks such as check mails from your Gmail account, stay updated on Google Hangouts as well as receive direction information from the popular Google Maps service.
  • Ok Google: All you will have to say is Ok Google to find required information, whether it is quick message you want to write, create a ToDo task or anything else you want to do.

Review Aspect #5: The Watch Faces

You are in complete control of what you want to see on the Moto 360 APQ8026 263 PPI smart watch faces. There are customized Live Dials capable of rendering all vital information at a glance.

Additionally, there are shortcuts to your favorite apps, making navigation easier as well as simpler. As for instance, you can have Kevo on the watch face to easily unlock the front door.

Quick Specs


Let us now check few of the quick specs about Moto 360 APQ8026 263 PPI smart watch in this section.

  • Seamless Integration: The Moto 360 smartwatch works seamlessly with iPhone as well as android phones.
  • Battery Life: The 42mm smartwatch comes with a 300mAh battery, capable of providing one and a half days of mixed usage when Ambient if set to off (and mixed usage is possible for two days for the 46mm smartwatch that comes equipped with a 400mAh battery). However, with Ambient on, you get to make mixed usage of up to a complete day.
  • Wireless Charging: Moto 360 APQ8026 263 PPI provides wireless charging when you use the charging dock that is included in the package.
  • Light Sensor: Presence of ambient light sensor means the screen is able to adjust automatically to brightness of the surrounding environment.
  • PPG: The smartwatch comes equipped with PPG, the optical heart rate monitor.
  • IP67: It also has IP67, providing excellent water as well as dust resistance.
  • Gorilla Glass: In terms of display features, Moto 360 APQ8026 263 PPI smart watch has Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and a backlit LCD.
  • Processor: Moto 360 smartwatch has Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 of 1.2GHz as well as a quad core CPU (which is a APQ 8026). Additionally, it has Adreno 305, consisting of 450 MHz GPU.
  • Sensors: There are several sensors for you to make use of such as the ambient light sensor, accelerometer, Haptics and vibration engine and the gyroscope.
  • Memory: It boasts of internal storage of 4 GB along with RAM of 512 MB.
  • Wireless Connectivity: Wireless connectivity is ensure by Bluetooth 4.0 plus Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g.

Well, it is quite clear that Moto 360 APQ8026 263 PPI is packed with smart features, making it the preferred choice for people looking for something which is rich in feature and at the same time looks trendy as well as stylish.

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