Android 6.0 M300 smartglasses
Why Android 6.0 M300 Smartglasses are Considered the Preferred Choice for Enterprise Applications?
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There are many smart glasses available in the market but Android 6.0 M300 smartglasses are certainly special. Let us look at the reasons Vuzix M300 is considered the leader in the smart glass industry.

Review of Android 6.0 M300 Smartglasses

Most Suitable Choice for Enterprises

Vuzix M300 smartglasses

Android 6.0 M300 smartglasses help to simplify the process of data collection as well as information access. Moreover, these smart glasses also help in improving your workflow as well as utilize other opportunities in different business spheres (such as supply chain, medical, remote help desk, etc.).

Works Seamlessly with Android 6.0

Android 6.0 M300 smartglasses is practically a wearable computer which is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It comes equipped with monocular display as well as on-board processor, recording features, expandable memory and wireless connectivity.

In addition to it, there are pre-installed Android apps which you can make use of for varied tasks such as tracking of timed events, managing the calendar, linking with your smart phone and a lot more.

Moreover, there is a HD camera in this smart glass which can be used for recording, storing as well as playing back videos and stills plus utilized in the form of a bar code scanner. Additionally, Vuzix M300 has complete compatibility with several existing apps, making it a highly useful device.

Head Tracking and Other Features Worth Looking at


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