How to Connect PC-TV Using HDMI-VGA Port or Wirelessly?
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If you want to view content from your PC or laptop onto your TV then there are several options that you can choose from to accomplish this task. Our aim here will be to explore these options so that it becomes easier for you to connect and view content from your laptop directly on your TV.

pctotv-connect pc-tv hdmi-vga port or wirelessly

How to Connect PC-TV HDMI-VGA Port or Wirelessly?

Let us first look at steps you need to take for connecting a laptop with a TV wirelessly.

If you have purchased one of the latest TV models (as for instance, a smart TV) then connecting the same with a PC will be a very easy task without the need to use any cables.


In this context, you will have to check whether your TV model supports DLNA media streaming. If it does then it will be relatively easy to transfer photos, movies as well as other media files directly over to such TV. All you will have to do is find the right app present in your TV which will be able to receive the data from your laptop.

After that you will have to find an appropriate app that will allow your laptop to stream or send content with the help of DLNA.

What is the procedure for using a wireless device with a TV?

In case, you do not own a smart TV then there is no need to lose hope since it is possible to use a smart box to achieve this goal with the device connecting to your TV through a HDMI ports.

On the other hand, if you are using a MacBook then you can make use of Apple TV 4K to stream display and content from MacBook to your TV screen.

Apple TV 4K

An option which is considered a better option than Apple TV 4K is the Chromecast since it is cheaper and works perfectly across devices whether you have a Mac, Linux or Windows device.

How to create a physical connection between TV and a laptop?


To accomplish this task, first thing you will have to do is check whether your TV comes with a HDMI port. If it does, then connecting laptop with PC will be a relatively easy task. All you will have to do is connect both using the HDMI cable.

Connect PC-TV HDMI-VGA port or wirelessly and what if you have an older TV or laptop?

s-videoportIf it is a rather old CRT TV then one of the suitable options is to utilize S-Video port. However, it will be able to carry only the video signal and as such, it will be necessary to attach audio cables separately.

Thus, your television should have any of the two; individual S-video port and the port for phono audio or SCART socket present at the back.

Is there any alternative to S-Video?


  1. Thanks LilBob for sharing these details. It would certainly be quite helpful for others looking for ways to connect their devices.

  2. I’d recommend using media server apps, personally, I downloaded ArkMC for Mac and iPhone. On my PC I have Servio and Windows Media Player as a media server, my iPhone works like a remote controller here and I stream any media from my PC to TV wirelessly. It streams my media to different devices without any other devices, cables etc.


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