How to Free Up and Manage Disk Space on a iPhone?


Worried about lack of space on your iPhone? Not sure how to manage data overload within limited space you have on your iPhone? If you are facing these questions then the details we will share here will help you free up disk space on your iPhone as well as manage available space more efficiently. So, let us go through information on how to clear space on your iphone.

How to free up space on a iPhone?

You will be able to accomplish this goal by taking certain steps, which are:

Step #1: Check Apps Which are Consuming Disk Space


Irrespective of model of your iPhone, you will usually have plenty of space on your phone when you take it out of the box for the first time. But overtime, you will find that there is considerably less space left on the phone to save anything. So, where did all the disk space go?

To find the answer what you will have to do is open the settings, select the option General and after that find the option which says “Storage and iCloud usage”.

Next what you need to do is select Manage Storage option to see the break down of total free space you have at present. In this section you will also be able to view the apps as well as files which are taking up most of the space on your device.

As for instance, if you are fond of taking photos then you will find that Photos and Videos is on the top of the list. After analyzing all the details you can decide about unnecessary files that are eating up space and delete them to clear up space on iphone.

Step #2: Take Up Deletion of iTunes Videos and Music


The same Manage Storage interface can be used for deleting music, movies and TV shows you have synced from iTunes. As for example, you can tap on any of the links such as Music or Videos to view the files that have been stored locally as well as the space they are using up on the phone.

All you will have to do is tap on the link which says Edit and then select the red button to delete the file you do not want to keep on your phone to clear up space on iphone.

Moreover, you can delete locally synced files like movies and music videos since those files can be easily downloaded again from iTunes whenever you want to.

Step #3: Get Rid of Those Unused Apps


How to Maximize iPhone Storage? It is likely that there are some app which you are not using anymore and they are only using up valuable space on your iPhone without helping you in any way, you can delete them from Manage Storage section. Another way to delete these apps is to long press over them and then tap over the cross that appears in top left section of the app.

You do not have to worry about re-installation of those apps in case such need arises since Apple will keep note of apps you have purchase and downloaded on your device and you will be able to easily re-install them whenever necessary.

Step #4: How to Maximize iPhone Storage? – Make Use of iCloud


If you have taken and saved plenty of photos after purchasing your new iPhone then it is likely that they will take up significant amount of space on the device.

In such situation, what you will have to do is keep backup of these files on the cloud, as for example, on iCloud.

After setting up the photo gallery on iCloud you will have to select the settings option called “Photos and Camera” and after that tap on the option which says “Optimize iPhone Storage”. When you select this option, only low resolution version of the photographs will be stored on the device while high resolution ones will be backed up on iCloud.

Step #5: How to Clear Space on Your iPhone? – Remove Cached Files


Apart from deleting or backing them up in the cloud another thing you will have to do is clear cached files stored by the browser.

To accomplish this task you will have to open the settings for Safari and select the option which says Clear Website Data and History. This will help in deleting cached files and free up valuable space from your device.

Similarly, if there is a useful app that you use on regular basis but it is taking up a lot of space then what you will have to do is uninstall the app and then re-install it. This process will be effective in erasing all the temporary files the app was using.

From above details it is clear that it is not too complicated to free up space on your iPhone and by taking these steps you will be able to start saving more videos and take more photographs without having to worry about lack of storage space.

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