How to Back Up Windows 7 to 10 and MacOS X 10.5-10.13 Computer?

back up windows 7 to 10 and MacOS X 10.5-10.13

Nowadays our computers are the central location for storing all the important photographs, videos, personal files and similar other documents. But, what if your system crashes? What will happen to all the crucial information you had stored in your Windows or Mac PC? The only way you can save yourself from falling in this false position is by taking regular backups.

In this post about how to back up Windows 7 to 10 and MacOS X 10.5-10.13 we will explore few of the steps you will have to take to accomplish this critical task. So, let us delve into the details in the next few sections.

How to back up Windows 7 to 10 and MacOS X 10.5-10.13?

Task #1: Back up Windows 7-10 PC

Step 1: Bring in a Suitable Storage Device


Your aim should be to find a storage device that is able to store all the data present in your system. Ideally, it should be a device that is almost twice in storage capacity in comparison to the drive that is to be backed up.

As such, it would be better to utilize an external hard disk for this purpose. In addition to it, you may well create a separate partition on your computer for backing up the data but that will not be a feasible solution since, if the computer is affected by virus or any other problem then your backup will be lost.

Step 2: Plug-in the Device

Next thing you will have to do is plug-in the device to your computer using a USB cable and after that you need to initiate the backup process. For this you will have to:


  • Press Windows button and s button together on your keyboard to initiate the search functionality.
  • Type backup and press enter.


  • In the next Window, click on More Options and then in the following Window, click on – See Advanced Settings. These steps will open up the File History window.


more-options window

  • You can also right-click on Windows icon on left corner of the screen, select settings, choose Update and Security in next Window and in next screen, select Backup in the left panel.


Step 3: Initiate the Backup Process

  • In the File History window you will have to click on Advanced Settings option in the left panel to make necessary changes such as: time interval between each of the backups of your files, how long the saved versions are to be kept and similar other options.




  • In File History window it will show the drive plugged into the system. You will have to select it and then click on the Turn On button. As soon as you click on the Turn On button the backup process will start, and the initial backup may take a long time to complete. As such, you should ideally initiate the first backup at night when you are not using the system.


Task #2: Back up MacOS X 10.5-10.13 PC

Continuing the discussion on how to back up Windows 7 to 10 and MacOS X 10.5-10.13, we will now go through the procedure to be followed for backing up your MacOS X system. Let us go through the details here.

Step 1: Access an Appropriate Device

Similar to the process followed while backup is taken on a Windows machine, here also you will have to find a suitable external disk with ample space so that all your data can be easily backed up onto the disk.

Step 2: Plug in the External Hard Drive

Next thing to do will be to plug-in the external disk in a spare USB port with the help of a USB cable.

Step 3: Start the Backup Process

Few of the things you will have to do to accomplish this task would consist of:

  • Go to system preferences and click on the option which says – Time Machine.


  • When the Time Machine Windows opens, you can select the disk where backup will be taken and then start the process.


  • You can also customize the settings for the backup by clicking on the Options button present in the right corner of the Time machine Window. Few of the things you can do here include, excluding certain folders which you do not want to take backup of, select whether backup should start when the system is running on batter power and should the system provide you a notification when all the older back ups are deleted.


As we can see, the steps to be followed to back up Windows 7 to 10 and MacOS X 10.5-10.13 are quite simple and all you will have to do is perform them one by one to complete the process as well as have the assurance that your data is now safe.

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