Windows 10 0x800F0922 error
How to Fix Windows 10 0x800F0922 Error and Successfully Complete the Fall Creators Update?
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If you are one of those who have experienced problems at the time of installation as well as after installation of Fall Creators Update of Windows 10 then you are the right place since this is the topic we will be exploring in the following sections so that you can fix the Windows 10 0x800F0922 error and similar other errors that surface at the time of installation or after installation completes.

How to fix Windows 10 0x800F0922 error and other errors?

It has been noticed that many people who use Windows Update for downloading as well as installing Fall Creators Update face problems while doing so. However, the good thing is that there is a troubleshooter which can be used to identify likely problems. Moreover, the troubleshooter can be utilized for resetting Windows Update app so that the installation can be restarted.

To accomplish this task what you will have to do is:

  • Click on start menu
  • Choose the second option which is for settings and click on it
  • A new Settings window will open
  • Here you will find the option named Update and Security
  • When you click on this option, the next option to choose will be Windows Update
  • Finally, click on the button which says Run the Troubleshooter and then do according to the instructions
  • After a while the troubleshooter will show possible solutions (if there are any) and you will have to click on the button that says, Apply this fix











The Windows 10 0x800F0922 Error


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