How to Install VPN on Asus RT-AC1900P Router and Start Browsing the Web Securely?
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In this third step of the process to install vpn on Asus RT-AC1900P router, you will have to first move to the VPN client settings, which in turn will provide you with a blank server list. Here you will have to click on the button which says Add Profile to move onto the next step.

As soon as you click on the Add Profile button, you will find that a new Window will appear where you will be able to specify the details of the VPN server you want to add to the system.


In this same Window you will find three tabs; PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN. Out of the three, OpenVPN is considered to be the safest as well as most secure option of the three and the right choice when you are trying to pass firewall restrictions.

PPTP provides less encryption and as such it is faster in comparison to its other two counterparts. Lastly, we have L2TP which is in-between two extremes and is able to provide decent level of security as well as speed. Thus, you will have to decide which type of encryption protocol will be right for you and then move onto the step of entering relevant details.

Step #4: Enter VPN Server Details


In the same Window you will have to fill up all the details for the VPN server you want to use. As for instance, you will have to add a description for the server which could be the name of the server, after that you will have to provide the URL for the VPN server, your username and password for that VPN server and in case you have selected PPTP then the last option will be choosing the PPTP Options which should ideally be MPPE 128, indicating use of Point to Point Encryption available from Microsoft that utilizes a 128 bit key.

import OVPN file

Additionally, there will be a OVPN file that your VPN server will provide and it would be imported into the settings for the VPN server. After all these details have been entered, you will have to press the OK button to save the changes you have made.


Lastly, in the VPN client Window you will have to press the Activate button present beside the name of the VPN server you have just created to enable the same. After that the router will check whether the connection is working and if everything is ok then a checkmark in blue will be displayed beside the connection to indicate that the connection was successful.

You will be able to successfully install vpn on Asus RT-AC1900P router by completing the above mentioned four steps and start browsing in a safer as well as private manner.



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