How to Prevent Unauthorized Crypto Mining on Your Computer by Hijackers?
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cryptominingIs someone hijacking your computer to carry out crypto mining? How to track if such a thing is happening? How to prevent it? These are few of the important questions we will try to find answers for in the following sections.

How to Prevent Unauthorized Crypto Mining on Your Computer?

Only last year we heard the news that The Pirate Bay, the well-known (and dubious) torrent website played the trick of embedding crypto currency mining software on its own website.

The aim was to hijack processors or CPUs of its visitors to carry out crypto mining for crypto currency networks such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

It was a shady practice that surprised everyone. The Pirate Bay tried to defend its actions by saying that all it wanted to do is increase its revenues so that it can recover from losses it was incurring in its advertisement’s business.

However, it was a devious strategy irrespective of any angle you look at it from since The Pirate Bay was borrowing computer power of others without their consent to carry out crypto mining activity. It was actually a malicious activity.

So, let us now move onto our main topic of how you can prevent unauthorized crypto mining on your computer.

Prevent Unauthorized Crypto Mining on Your Computer

Strategy #1: Utilize an Extension

Nowadays, there are different browser extensions available which can be used for defending your computer from crypto currency hijacking. Here, we will look at MinerBlock and No Coin, two of the popular browser extensions which are used on Chrome browser.

Using these extensions you will be able to block crypto mining as simply as you block pop up ads from your browser.

These and other extensions are certainly not the best solution to this problem, but they certainly provide a quick fix to anyone looking for an decently effective option to protect his or her computer.

Using these two extensions people can whitelist as well as black list websites and also provide you the option to block crypto mining attempts as soon as such attempts are intercepted. Another option is to install extensions which block JavaScripts such as ScriptSafe.

Let us now go through details of how these extensions are to be used.

Using No Coin


No Coin is pretty easy to use but has less number of features in comparison to MinerBlock. All you will have to do is install this extension and it will start blacklisting all crypto mining attempts that it traces.


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