How to Prevent Unauthorized Crypto Mining on Your Computer by Hijackers?
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Moreover, you get the facility of whitelisting sites for a specific time period such as for 1 minute, for thirty minutes or for infinite duration, as per your requirement.

Using MinerBlock


Using MinerBlock it becomes easier to figure out how many hijackers are attempting to utilize your PC for mining virtual coins. In addition to it, you can manually whitelist websites if you want to as well as filter out certain web paths.

Strategy #2: Install Antivirus

You can install software for protection against malware (such as BitDefender) or any other anti-virus software to protect your computer.


If you want to check whether your system has been compromised then what you will have to do is press ctrl+alt+del to launch Task Manager (in Windows) or Spacebar+Command to open Activity Monitor.

Here you will be able to analyze the CPU load and if it is close to 100% then it will indicate that there is something wrong.  In such situation you will have to close the program that is eating up most of CPU time and then run the anti virus program to check whether there is any problem.

In case, there is a suspicious program or file found on your system then you will have to get rid of the same on immediate basis.

What if you have your own website?

If you have your own website, then you may feel tempted to do some crypto mining of your own. But, before you move ahead you should maintain transparency and let visitors know that you would be using system resources of your visitors to carry out crypto mining.

Moreover, you should also provide information about type of data you will be collecting while mining is performed using computers of your users.

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