send old games to xbox one x 1Tera Byte Console
How to Send Old Games to Xbox One X 1Tera Byte Console?
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In case, you have decided to buy an Xbox One X and want to transfer old data as well as games over then this post will be useful for you since we will be exploring the steps you will have to take to accomplish this task.

How to send old games to Xbox One X 1Tera Byte Console?

Let us go through the steps you need to take for such transfer of games and data.

Step 1

Pre-download patches for Xbox One X to your present Xbox One


You will need a patch if you are moving over to Xbox One X from the older Xbox One S or the Xbox One and as such it will be better to pre-download it before your Xbox One X arrives. For this purpose you will have to:

  • Activate sidebar menu by pressing the central button on Xbox.
  • Go down the list and choose Settings option.
  • From there move onto Systems option and then from there select the option that says Backup and Transfer.
  • Here you will find an option which can be selected to Download 4k game content.
  • After selecting this option you will have to move onto Systems menu and select the option for updates.
  • Lastly, in the Updates section you will have to enable the option to Keep the apps and games up-to-date.

enable gamesupdate

If steps have been completed successfully then you will find that patches have started downloading. After that what you will have to do is filter the list of games by typing in the term – Xbox One X Enhanced so as to analyze the games that received enhancements.

What if the patches are not downloading?

There can be two reasons why the patches are not downloading.

  • It could be due to the fact that patch for Xbox One X has not been received by a game.
  • Another issue could be that there is lack of space on your Xbox One console for storing them.

We would like to mention here that in case you decide not to download all the patches to your older console then you will be able to save considerable amount of time while you transfer game data. Afterwards, new hardware will have the task of downloading only the newer assets instead of having to download the complete game.

Step 2

Send Old Games to Xbox One X 1Tera Byte Console – Transfer the Data

After finishing the first step you will have your old console with games that have their patches for Xbox One X. After the new console arrives, the next task would be accomplishing the actual transfer. Here you can do any of the two things, perform data transfer with the help of external hard drive or complete this task using the home network.

Let us go through details of both the options here.

Option 1: Use External Hard Drive


Here you will have to add your external hard drive to a USB port and when asked by the system, confirm that you are ok with drive being formatted by the console.

After that move onto settings, from there to system and then select storage option. Here you will find that the external drive is listed. Then what you will have to do is select the option Internal and after that click on Transfer and finally choose the games which are to be backed up.



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