How to Send Old Games to Xbox One X 1Tera Byte Console?
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Last thing to do will be to click on Copy Selected to start the transfer of games to the external hard drive.

After that it will be necessary to take a backup of main settings of your console. For this you will have to go back to the Home screen and then move onto Backup and Transfer section (Settings>>System>>Backup and Transfer) and finally click on option which says Back Up to Device.


That’s it! You now have completed required steps for sending settings as well as games to your hard drive.

Option 2: Use Local Network


In case you do not have external hard drive then other option to send old games to Xbox One X 1Tera Byte console is to make use of the home network for transferring the data.

For this process to work what you will have to do is turn on both the consoles and plug them in to accomplish this transfer. You may well hard-wire both the consoles to the router for maximizing speed as well as to reduce likely interferences.

After that you will have to press the main Xbox button, choose settings and from there you will have to go into settings and then select system and lastly, backup and transfer option. Here you will find the option for network transfer and last thing you will have to tick mark the option for allowing network transfer.

Then what you will have to do is plug in the new console, go to the option which says Backup and transfer as mentioned in the previous section and you will find your previous console listed in the section called Local Consoles.

When you select the local console, the system will list all the content that has been saved on that older device. Here you can either select individual titles as well as data that you want to transfer or select all to transfer everything present in the older console by choosing the option which says copy selected.

To summarize, we will say that the steps to send old games to Xbox One X 1Tera Byte Console are quite straightforward and you can easily follow them to accomplish this type of transfer.

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