dual whatsapp credentials in android 5.1.1
How to Set Up Dual WhatsApp Credentials in Android 5.1.1?
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Always wanted to use two WhatsApp accounts on your Android phone but never been able to? If so, then you are at the right place since in the following sections we will look at how you can make this possible. We will go through some specific steps which you need to take to start using dual WhatsApp credentials in Android 5.1.1. Let us delve into the details here.

How to use dual WhatsApp credentials in Android 5.1.1?

App Cloning | Use of Third Party App

There are different ways of accomplishing this goal. At one end, there are some phones in which you get to use an in-built feature that allows you to use two WhatsApp credentials. On the other hand, you will have to make use of 3rd party apps in case your phone does not support this feature. Let us delve into the details here.

First Method: App Cloning

For using this first method you need to have an Android phone that supports two SIMS. This way WhatsApp will recognize two accounts on the basis of SIM you are using to login to your account. Additionally, you should also check your phone to know whether your phone manufacturer is providing an in-built functionality to use two WhatsApp accounts.

There are several phone manufacturers (especially Chinese ones) which allow cloning of apps and this feature can then be used in conjunction with a 2-SIM configuration.

As for instance, the EMUI (Emotion UI) skin of Honor smartphone has a feature that is known as App Twin. Similarly, if you have a Xiaomi, you will find an app named Dual Apps which serves the same purpose. In similar fashion, you will see App Clone named app in Vivo and its called Clone App in a Oppo phone.

Set up of this functionality varies from one manufacturer to another and as such, you will have to check the specifics of your brand to know which app will let you accomplish this task. However, there are some common steps which are applicable for few of the popular brands and we will be looking at these steps in the next section.

App Cloning in Honor/Xiaomi/Oppo

oppomobileXiaomimobilehonormobileIf you own any of these Android phones, then steps to be followed for installing dual WhatsApp credentials in Android 5.1.1 are relatively simple.

First thing you will have to do is complete installation of WhatsApp then start the process of cloning of app through settings available in settings of the phone. The steps consist of (we will look at the steps to be performed in a Xiaomi smartphone, however the procedure is quite the same in phones of other models as well):

  • Install WhatsApp and then open the settings.
  • Locate the Dual App and then tap on it to launch the same.
  • Here you will find apps listed which would function with this feature and would have toggles besides them. All you will have to do is turn it on for the WhatsApp app for cloning it.

By completing these three steps you will be all set to start using two copies of WhatsApp on your mobile phone.


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