stop Lenovo 1703 from overheating
How to Stop Lenovo 1703 from Overheating – An Insight into 3 Simple Methods to Accomplish This Task
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If you want your laptop to perform as expected, then it will be necessary to prevent it from overheating since overheating can easily hamper the performance of your Lenovo 1703 laptop and overtime damage the system. So, what can be done to stop Lenovo 1703 from overheating?

There are several things you can possibly do to prevent overheating of your laptop. Let us go through the details in the following sections.

How to stop Lenovo 1703 from overheating?

One of the common reasons for overheating of laptops is blocking of fan present at the bottom. This in turn negatively effects performance of your hard drive and gradually system damage starts. But, by taking few simple steps you can prevent overheating and prolong lifespan of your system.

Let us now go through details of how to stop Lenovo 1703 from overheating.

Method 1: Elevation

laptop stand

An easy step is to elevate the system using a small item such as a book (or something like a docking station) under the laptop so that the system is slightly tilted, allowing better airflow under your laptop.

However, make sure that the book (or whatever else you keep under it) does not block the fan’s hole.

Method 2: Ensure Proper Cooling


To stop Lenovo 1703 from overheating you need to ensure it remains cool. There are certain things you can do to accomplish this task. Let us look at them here.

  • Purchase Cooling Mat: You will find several brands that manufacture such cooling mats and you can purchase them from computer accessory stores and from online stores. You may well contemplate buying computer stands and risers that are equipped with ventilation system.
  • Use a Hard surface: It is also advisable to keep the laptop on a hard surface such as a table, lap desk or something similar instead of keeping it on bed, folded quilt or sofa. The reason is that on a soft surface, the vents at the sides or bottom get blocked, resulting in overheating of your laptop. But when you are keeping the laptop over a hard surface, you will not face this problem and experience better performance over a long duration of time.
  • Keep the Room Temperature Low: Ideally, you should avoid using your laptop in a very hot environment. Better still, use it in an air-conditioned room and reduce the chances of system getting overheated.
  • Utilize a Heat Sink: You may well utilize a flat bar of steel as your external heat sink and it generally works due to the fact that laptop will have to heat up greater amount of mass before overheating. However, this method will be useful when you have a laptop with metal case.

Method 3: Modify System Settings


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