How to Use a Mouse and Keyboard with Xbox One?
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Its been more than 3 years now that Microsoft announced that it will provide official support for mouse as well as keyboard for Xbox One. But, so far such promises have not materialized and there is also no clear date as to when it is going to happen.

However, there are ways using which you can add mouse and keyboard support to your Xbox One console.

Leaving questions of fairness and ethics apart, let us delve into details of how you can achieve this task and get a leading edge over others who are using the controller.

How to use a mouse and keyboard on Xbox One?

In case, you do not have problems with sitting rather close to your console then it is certainly possible to plug-in any wired keyboard in your Xbox One console through the provided USB port.

This is not the ideal option from gaming perspective but, certainly proves to be useful when you want to send messages or participate in streaming chats that you may be taking part on the console.

However, if you want to complete gaming experience using your mouse and the keyboard then you will have to put in some extra effort. To start with, you will require an adapter and set it up in right manner to achieve desired results.

Let us look at few of the most common adapters which are used for this purpose. The function of these adapters is to manipulate signals sent by a controller so that your Xbox One console thinks that input it is receiving from keyboard and mouse are actually from the console pad.

Adapters Which Make it Easy to Use Mouse and Keyboard with Xbox Console

CronusMax Plus

CronusMax Plus

When the question of affordability arises, CronusMax is the ideal option to choose. It is a type of USB device which helps your Xbox One console recognize mouse as well as keyboard as input devices.

However, for this adapter to work what you will have to do is keep the console and PC close enough since you will have to plug it in into both of the devices.

Lastly, since CronusMax has just single USB port, it will be necessary to ensure that both your keyboard and the mouse can be connected to this single port and do not require their separate dongles.


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