Ozobot – The Color Sensing Robot That Kids Would Love to Interact With
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Ozobot is the name of the tiny robot which is capable of reading colors as well as responding to the same through different movements. Moreover, it has been designed in such a way that it is able to follow all your instructions.

As for instance, you will be able to make Ozobot retreat, advance, dance, speed up, spin and do many other things. It is capable of learning several different commands with relative ease.

Ozobot – The Color Sensing Robot

This color sensing robot will start moving only when its sensors notice a color. As for instance, if you keep Ozobot over a piece of paper then it will simply sit there and wait.

However, when you put the same over a kitchen counter or a wooden desk then it will begin exploring immediately.

How Ozobot works?

It is fun and simple task to program Ozobot, even for young children. Moreover, there are more than twenty five commands which can be utilized for controlling speed of this color sensing robot as well as to control its behavior as well as decision making capabilities.

All you will have to do is draw lines on a piece of paper and Ozobot will start moving in the direction line has been drawn.

Additionally, you can add color codes and Ozobot has been programmed for detecting these color sequences and move or change behavior accordingly as you can find in the below mentioned image.

color codes

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