Useful Tips and Tricks on How to Make Your VPN Secure
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If you are concerned about security of your vpn then you are at the right place since this is the topic we will be exploring in the following sections and check how to make vpn secure. So, let us delve into the details in the following sections.

How to make vpn secure?


The good thing about VPNs is that they provide high degree of anonymity as well as security. But, this does not give the assurance that it cannot be tracked. If you are really interested in securing your internet connection then there are several things which you will have to look into. Let us look at what they are.

Alter the VPN Protocol

There is a range of VPN protocols to choose from and the choices are presented in the connection app or if you are utilizing a 3rd party VPN tool then they would be simply in the form of a configuration option that you can select.

Generally, there are 3 options to choose from:

  • Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)
  • Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) and
  • OpenVPN

In case, you are interested in installing a VPN on your mobile device then L2TP as well as PPTP appear to be right options as it is very easy to configure them. Most of the time, all you need is the username, server name as well as the password to configure the VPN.

However, you need to be aware of the fact that it is easy to crack PPTP protocol since it makes use of 128 bit encryption which tends to be weak and in addition to it, the authentication process as well as the initial connection can get intercepted. These security issues can in turn result in data decryption and it can get compromised.

On the other hand, L2TP proves to be more secure but on the negative side, it is usually a slow protocol and there are a lot of overheads to look into when you are using L2TP.

As such, the best option is OpenVPN which is fast as well as is able to rapidly recover out of lost connections and is totally secure. If you have to select between all the three, then OpenVPN will certainly be the most viable option.

What are IP leaks?

When you are using a VPN, IP leaks a problem you will have to face. This happens when VPN server goes down, VPN connection starts failing or connection to the VPN is lost. In all these situation, the system will instantly fall back upon your normal internet connection and all the apps that are using the internet will become vulnerable.

What is the solution for these IP leaks?

To prevent such a thing from happening what you will have to do is make use of what is known as kill switch. The benefit of using this type of switch is that if the VPN connection is lost then kill switch will be disconnecting the internet connection or it may well close the apps that are using the internet connection.

Nowadays there are VPN apps which have such type of kill switch integrated into the system so that you do not have to do anything manually to shut off the system when VPN is not connected.



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