What Harm Newfolder.exe Virus Does to a Computer and How to Get Rid of Newfolder.exe Virus?

How to Get Rid of Newfolder.exe Virus

If your computer has been infected by the newfolder.exe virus then you need not lose hope since there are several ways of getting rid of this virus. So, let us delve into details of how to get rid of Newfolder.Exe virus.

How to get rid of Newfolder.Exe Virus?

There are several problems that you will have to face if your computer has been infected by the newfolder.exe virus, which include inaccessible files on USB drives, disabling of Regedit (the registry editor), task manager and the folder options.

In addition to it, the virus also makes .exe extension files by mirroring files already present in your drive, this in turn results in a problem wherein almost fifty percent of storage space is taken up by these virus files to make your system slow as well as results in several other issues. But, by following undermentioned steps you will be able to get rid of this problem.

Technique #1: Manual Removal

start command promptcommand prompt

To use this method you will have to start command prompt (Start > Search for cmd > click run) and enter the undermentioned commands in sequential order:






By executing the following command you will be able to remove preliminary stages of this virus.

Since, this virus also disables system applications such as Regedit and Task Manager, after deleting the virus your next should be to re-enable them. To accomplish this task you will have to enter following commands one after the other in command prompt. Let us look at what those commands are:






After entering these commands, you will have to open folder options windows (control panel > appearance and personalization > folder options), go to view tab and then enable the option for showing hidden files and folders and finally click on ok button.

After completing this step you will be able to view the following files and your job will be to delete them to finally accomplish complete cleaning of your system. The files are:






Technique #2: Use Removal Tools

Many people will not be willing to go the manual way of removing the newfolder.exe virus. So, then how to get rid of Newfolder.exe virus? You can utilize virus removal tools also for this purpose.

Newfolder Removal Tool

As for instance, there is a tool called Newfolder Removal Tool which can be used to accomplish this task and it is free also to download and use, providing you a way to easily get rid of this problem.

After downloading and installing the software, you will have to run the application and it will take almost 30 minutes to trace all the virus files. Then the application will show a list of virus files that are present on your system and you will be able to delete them now from within the application.

Technique #3: Use of WinRAR

In case, there is virus on your pen drive then how to get rid of Newfolder.exe virus. Let us find out. One of the easiest ways of deleting this virus when it has infected your pen drive is to be make use of the WinRAR software.


  • First thing you will have to do is insert the pen drive into the system and hold the Shift button for about ten seconds to prevent autorun of the pen drive, which could result in spread of virus to your system.
  • Next what you will have to do is start the WinRAR application and then choose the pen drive from the list of drives. When you select the pen drive, WinRAR will  show all the files present on the drive including the virus files present on the drive such as the Recycler folder, autorun.inf, autoplay.exe, autorun.ini and the infamous newfolder.exe. Your job will be deleting all of them pressing the key combination of Shift+Del. After the deletion completes, you should directly remove the pen drive instead of removing the same from the system tray.


By following the above mentioned steps you will be able to get rid of virus problem from your system as well as pen drives and start using the computer in a normal way. Do share this post with others who are looking for an answer to the question – how to get rid of Newfolder.exe virus?

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