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What is Blue Screen of Death in Windows Systems and How to Get Rid of BSOD?
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How to get rid of BSOD? This is the question that many Windows users have when they see the dreaded blue screen of death (BSOD). There could be several reasons for BSOD ranging from incorrect installation of hardware or software to wrong implementation of settings.

If the BSOD is due to these above-mentioned errors then it will be possible to fix the same. On the other hand, the blue screen of death could also be due to hardware issues or because of corrupted OS.

In such situation, you will have to reinstall the OS or consult a hardware technician to get the hardware issues fixed.

How to get rid of BSOD, the Blue Screen of Death?

Let us look at few of the steps you can take to get rid of BSOD. Here we will look at 3 techniques you can make use of to fix the problem.

  • Technique 1, consisting of four steps; examination of recent changes, utilization of high performance settings and software, remove unrequired hardware and lastly, carry out a virus scan.
  • Technique 2, make use of safe mode.
  • Technique 3, clean up the set up files.

Technique 1 – The General Fixes

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Step #1: Examine Recent Changes

First thing you will have to do is analyze your recent actions such as:

  • Installation of new software
  • Addition of any new hardware
  • Installation of custom drivers
  • Modification in system settings

If you did make such changes then to get rid of BSOD you will have to undo those changes.

Step #2: Use of High Performance Software/Settings

In case you have been using a high-performance software or high performance settings on your computer then it is likely that the computer will become very hot if it lacks proper circulation or if you are using it in a warm environment.

In such situation you may encounter the blue screen of death. A simple solution would be to switch off the computer for a few hours before restarting it again and you will be able to start using it normally.

Step #3: Get Rid of Unrequired Hardware

If you have recently added any hardware to your system such as HDMI or Ethernet cables, a flash drive, any hardware controllers, SD card or printer cables then flaws in such hardware could be the reason for BSOD.

Bsod at Wendy’s in Palos Hills Il from r/bluescreenofdeath

You will continue to face the same problem till the time that new hardware is removed from your system.

Step #4: Perform a Virus Scan

Many times, viruses make the computer think that there is some problem and because of which the system is malfunctioning. Due to this reason you may suddenly see the BSOD.

Stephen Colbert“Internet users, that blue screen of death you were looking at this morning? That’s the sky. If you’re still confused, look it up on Wikipedia tomorrow.”

Stephen Colbert

To get rid of BSOD what you will have to do is run a virus scan and delete the viruses software lists after the scan is over.


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