use of technology in english learning
A Closer Look into How Technology Can Help English Learners Improve Their Four Basic Skill Areas
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Everyone will agree that technology has made our lives easier and it can also help you with other tasks such as learning English. In the following sections let us look at how technology can help us improve in four basic skill areas when it comes to mastering our grasp over English. So, let us delve into the details.

Use of Technology in English Learning


There are four basic skill areas that English leaners need to work upon if they are serious about improving their English skills. These 4 skills areas are:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking

Let us now go through details of how technology can be helpful for learners in improving their English language skills.


At present we have access to things like e-readers (Kindle), tablets and iPads which have made interactive learning possible. Moreover, now there are features available that make English learning fun and easy for such learners ranging from vocabulary builders to functions such as click to define.

These functions and features help leaners improve their vocabulary as well as understand more about different types of sentence structures.


When it comes to improving English writing skills, technology in the form of word processors are making it easier to improve our writing skills by utilizing help available in the form of thesaurus and in-built dictionaries.

Now, English learners can easily find as well as correct their errors by using features such as grammar and spelling checkers available within these word processors.



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