A List of 9 Ways in Which Technology is Helping English Learners
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learn englishTechnology is proving to be quite useful for ESL studies and helping learners improve their language skills. In the following sections let us delve into details of different ways in which technology helps English learners.

Use of Technology for ESL Studies

Method #1: Films and Videos

Technology can be used for developing feature length as well as short videos and these videos can work as engaging methods for learners to improve their comprehension and vocabulary skills.

The good thing about use of videos is that they help leaners understand how natural English is to be utilized.

Additionally, animated movies and short cartoons can help young children enjoy and learn at the same time while older students can view news broadcasts to know more about latest events.

As for instance, there could be discussion questions as well as vocabulary worksheets that accompany popular films.

Moreover, there could be film surveys for assessing interests of English learners before any particular film is selected plus there can be film reviews that are adapted to fit any specific instruction level.

Method #2: Apps


Using apps for learning English helps to make the task a lot more interesting.

Nowadays, there are app which can be used for different purposes, as for instance, grammar apps help learners improve their knowledge about specific topics such as prepositions and verbs while other apps help students improve their pronunciation.

These apps also have built-in system which can be used for tracking progress of learners.

Method #3: Digital Field Trips


Experiential learning helps ESL students grasp information in a better way. However, it is also true that organizing such field trips is not always feasible. Here, digital field trips become useful and prove to be an authentic way for learners to learn and comprehend new information.

As for example, young kids can learn more about vocabulary by taking part in virtual trips and on similar lines older students can get to know more about other complex details by taking part in such trips.

Method #4: Podcasts


If you want to improve your comprehension then listening to podcast is a great way to do the same. Moreover, it is also possible for learners to create their own podcast and examining their own English speaking capabilities.

Moreover, learners can make their own video podcasts and share them on popular video sites such as YouTube.

Method #5: Pen Pals

pen pals


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