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An Insight into Top 5 Apps That Simplify the Task of Learning English
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If you want to improve your English speaking as well as writing skills then best way to do that is to install a good app on your smart phone. Which app should I install?

In case, this question is creeping up in your mind then the list of apps we will be sharing in the following sections will help you select one and start improving your grasp over English language.

Top 5 Apps for Learning English

App #1: Duolingo


The app makes use of a gamified learning methodology to make learning English an easier task. This app is able to structure all your lessons in such a way that you get to learn around 7 words in a day.

These words are selected on the basis of topic you have selected and as per skill points that you have received by finishing your lessons.

Moreover, the system has been developed in such a way that the lessons have the capability of adapting as per your learning style.

In addition to it, all the exercises are customized in such a way that they assist you in learning as well as reviewing your vocabulary in an effective manner.

Thus, it is considered an ideal app for improving English irrespective of learning level you are in.

App #2: Memrise


The main aim of this app is to help learners improve their grasp of English vocabulary by understanding all the words in a very effective manner.

Additionally, it can also be used in the offline mode so that you can continue learning even when there is no internet connection.



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