Artificial Photosynthesis for Future Ready Cars – Know Why Bill Gates Considers the Process as Magical!
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Production of Fertilizers: Artificial photosynthesis for future ready cars is also a viable option for other important things such as agriculture. As for instance, the process can be utilized for metabolically engineering bacteria that would then produce fertilizer which is rich in nitrogen right within the soil.

Such technique can be a boon for crop production at places where fertilizers are not readily accessible.

Fact #2: Renewable Energy Sources Can Meet About 80% of Electricity Needs of US

Development of New Drugs/Goods: In future, further improvement in technology could result in bacteria utilizing hydrogen produced by the artificial photosynthesis process to in turn produce a variety of goods ranging from plastics to drugs and many other things.

Any likely pitfalls to be wary of?

Before using artificial photosynthesis for future ready cars, we need to be aware of the fact that the normal photosynthesis process used by plants is not very efficient. This inefficiency is highlighted by the fact that plants are able to convert only about one percent of available water and carbon into carbohydrates.

But, scientists have made considerable progress and increased efficiency level of their artificial photosynthesis process to twenty two percent level.

As we can see, artificial photosynthesis holds a lot of promise and can help remove our dependence on non-renewable energy sources.



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