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Chalk – A Managed Software Solution That Facilitates Data Driven Education
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Chalk allows you to collect, analyze as well as utilize data your school’s infrastructure generates. You can also make use of real time insights (from assessment, instructional and curriculum processes) for driving academic results as well as for improving operational performance. Let us look at few more details about Chalk in the following sections.

Chalk – Data Driven Education

Intelligence for Schools

With Chalk you will be able to identify learning progression of students, take strategic decisions as well as offer relevant feedback on real time basis.

Student Learning Model

Chalk also functions as a student learning model where real time insights and data points merge so that issues can be identified before they create problems. Moreover, the system is capable of sending alerts in case anomalies are detected.

More Than a Software – A Managed Solution

It is more than a software implementation and functions like a completely managed solution. In addition to it, it needs least amount of administration and is able to easily integrate with present infrastructure for providing actionable insights.

Feature List

  • Curriculum Development: Using Chalk you can easily examine gaps present in the curriculum as well as in its delivery to facilitate student success.
  • Planning Practice: You can now standardize planning practice and at the same time receive valuable feedback.
  • Advanced Teaching Methodologies: Chalk as a managed solution is able to enhance learning growth by utilizing next generation teaching methodologies.
  • Big Data Analysis: Chalk also lets you collect as well as use big data so that improvement plans can be implemented as per requirement.

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