DeepFrame – The Augmented Reality Windows for Which You Do Not Require any VR Eyewear
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Augmented reality windows called DeepFrame are here to transform our lives with holograms. DeepFrame from a company named RealFiction aims to utilize these windows to let you see mixed reality without having to wear a headset or to make use of any special app. Let us see how these augmented reality windows work.

DeepFrame – The Augmented Reality Windows

These windows consist of large curved displays (a clear glass of 64 inch) which are used for creating projections that are life sized and appear to be overlaid in real world around us.

The glass used in these windows is specially designed to have unique optics which has the capability of reflecting any image that is projected onto it from any kind of normal display such as a monitor or a television.

Use as Telepresence Tool


Apart from beaming TV content, it can also be utilized as a telepresence tool. As for instance, there can be a camera set up in a room and the person will be able to chat with life size projection of another person falling on DeepFrame.



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