Firefly Drone – That Helps Firefighters Monitor and Control Wildfires
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Firefly drone is one form of octocopter which can be utilized as a firefighting drone to map wildfires. It can also be used for dropping wireless beacons so that movement of fire can be tracked. Let us look at the details of how it works in the following sections.

Firefly Drone

Firefly has been conceived as a drone which will be able to assist fire fighters is creation of correct map of wildfires through automatic survey of fire’s border.

This drone makes use of advanced guidance system as well as heat sensitive camera for navigating around a fire as well as for transmitting GPS co-ordinates to firefighters positioned on the ground.

Wireless HeatBeacons


Firefly drone is also capable of dropping wireless beacons all throughout fire’s boundary as per specific GPS coordinates. The main function of these beacons is to send back air quality and temperature data so that the data can be placed over a map.

The benefit for firefighters is that they are able to accurately determine speed and direction in which fire is moving without having to perform aerial surveillance on constant basis.

Features of HeatBeacons

Common Operating Picture

The purpose of these HeatBeacons is to measure 3 things:

  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Temperature
  • Air Particulates (smoke)

These 3 details are encoded with unique ID of the sensor as well as a data packet and then the data is transmitted back to the Firefly drone or the ground control. The benefit of this technology is that it helps in easy real time tracking of movement of the fire.



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